Couple Survives Deadly Tornado By Hiding In Basement

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An Oklahoma City couple said they survived a deadly EF-5 tornado by hiding in their basement.

Dave and Sylvia lee said they saw the twister coming over the ridge. They ducked into their cellar with seconds to spare.

"They can all tell you it sounds like a freight train or a jet plane. No, it don't," Dave Lee said, "It sounds like hell."

The Lee's say they lost everything they own.

Their house is gone. Their horses are dead.

"We could hear the house ripping apart. We could hear things banging and ripping and hitting." Lee said.

Sylvia Lee said they huddled with their neighbors as the storm moved over their heads and ripped the house to shreds.

"It was like you were in an airplane, you know? Our ears were popping and hurting," Sylvia Lee said.

"The whole cellar clouded up and it lasted about 30 seconds and at that point, I didn't know if we were going to make it or not. I thought I was going to die." Dave Lee said.

The Lee's said they were thankful they survived. They will move on from this disaster together.

"You can see all the pictures on tv you want to, but when you walk out the cellar, that's tough," Dave Lee said, "All this can be fixed. We're alive. My wife's alive, and we're very much in love and that's all that matters."

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