Couple Pulls Into Driveway As Burglar Flees From Home

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Thieves set their sights on dozens of homes as well as a school and daycare on the north side.

Zareeya Ardister and her husband pulled into their driveway and saw that someone was inside their home. The intruder made a quick getaway out a back door.

Although she is shaken, Ardister said they scared off the burglar before anything was taken.

“It makes you feel unsafe,” Ardister said. “It’s such a nice quiet neighborhood and everything.”

Ardister said that she would make sure her home is sealed up after learning the burglar kicked in a window screen.

“They kicked it in,” Ardister said. “He must have been small.”

A few streets over, Dana Johnson said she was just glad she and her infant were not home when someone broke into her house.

“It’s just very surprising that all of the sudden we’re having this rash of break-ins,” Johnson said.

When the burglars were unable to cut their way into Johnson’s home through a window screen, they broke down a door.

“We've had to board it up because it won't stay shut,” Johnson said.

Johnson said that she believed the alarm scared off the intruder before anything was taken.

“Just my sense of safety has been taken,” Johnson said. “I've been over here for over seven years and usually don't have any issues. Just our sense of security has been robbed from me.”

Most of the break-ins involved homes, but there were some businesses too. Burglars even broke into a private school nearby.

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