Couple Pleads For Safe Return of Stolen Puppy


A couple is pleading tonight for the safe return of their puppy. 

They said the American Eskimo puppy was stolen from their truck, parked outside a store in southwest Columbus Saturday night.

 The dog is valued at approximately $3,000.

Daniel Holida and his wife Michelle are just starting to unpack the boxes.  The couple is trying to make a new home in a different apartment, but they are doing it without a member of their family.

Michelle Loughridge describes her puppy, Fabio, as her baby.

The couple is in the process of moving, and Saturday after cleaning and painting their new place, they decided to return to their old place. The couple made a quick stop the Wal-Mart on Georgesville Road on their way. They said they were in the store for about five minutes or less.

“We would have brought him in if we were allowed, but it's not like leaving a baby in the car. You can bring your baby in, you can't bring in your dog,” Daniel Holida said.

The couple said a security officer at the store told them that the theft was caught on camera. He told them two young women are seen on video snatching the dog.

The case is now in the hands of Columbus police and 10TV has yet to view that video.

Daniel Holida is using the Internet to help find the dog. He has posted on multiple social media sites and is constantly searching Craig’s List.

“I’ve been keeping an eye on Craigslist. I've been checking Craigslist every half hour trying to look for him all across Ohio,” Holida said.

The couple admits they unintentionally left a door to their vehicle unlocked.

They say they are willing not pursue charges if the dog is safely returned.