Couple In Japan Detail Devastation After Quake, Tsunami

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10TV's Kurt Ludlow used Skype to speak with Kathryn and Bob Dilenschneider at their home northeast of Tokyo on Sunday.

Both are graduates of Upper Arlington High School and have taught English in Japan for more than 12 years.

The couple live near Tokyo with their 6-year-old daughter, Ashley.

"I guess if you were to compare it Columbus, it would be the proximity of New Albany," Bob Dilenschneider said.

Each member of the family was in a different city when last week's earthquake struck.

"You ask what was going on in my mind, and it was instantly, 'I'm not with my family.  What is Bob thinking right now?  Is my daughter panicked?  Who's holding her because she was not at school?' said Kathryn Dilenschneider. "So that was a very empty feeling."

The family has since been reunited but face new challenges.

"The supplies in the grocery store are cleared out.  The lines at the gas station are causing just miles of a traffic jam into the station and the stations are closing one after the other because they're literally running out of fuel," Kathryn said.

The Japanese government has announced rolling blackouts because of the lack of electricity, Ludlow reported.

The family will now be without power for four hours, twice a day.

The Dilenschneiders said they were fearful of additional earthquakes in coming days.

"There's a 70 percent chance, according to a government announcement, that there's going to be another kind of quake with the next month of a 7-magnitude," Bob said.

The threat is not enough for the couple to leave Japan, Ludlow reported.

The Dilenschneiders are impressed with how people have responded to the disaster.

"There's not this vibe of the end of the world going on, you know.  And there's no mass chaos going on.  Everybody is civil, everybody's treating each other well," Bob said.

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