Couple Awakens To Suspect Standing Over Their Bed


Columbus police are searching for a man they say broke into a northeast Columbus home.

Tracy Brooks says she awoke around 2:30 a.m. Monday to find a man standing over her bed.

“I’m just lying there, and I felt something, and I heard something like someone feeling around my dresser,” Brooks said. “I looked up and I’m like,’ This is not my husband.’”

The woman said that she and her husband attempted to catch the man, but he took off on a bike before ditching it and running away.

Police searched the area around her Stonehenge apartment, but the man was never found.

Brooks said the man entered her third-floor apartment through her front door that she said she forgot to lock.

“He was like over top of me, like feeling my dresser to see if I would wake up,” said Books.

She said that while other apartments in her complex have an outside door that residents can lock to prevent people from opening the interior apartment doors, her door does not have a lock.

She said that the person who broke in was very young, possibly 12.

Police said she was only able to give them a vague description.

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