County Treasurer Warns Of Companies Offering To Help Lower Property Taxes


The Franklin County Treasurer is reminding homeowners not to fall for companies promising to lower their property taxes.

Treasurer Ed Leonard said in a Friday press release that the Board of Revision application process is user friendly and additional assistance isn’t necessary.

Leonard said one of the companies promising to do this is ValueAppeal.

“In the past, there have been companies who have solicited homeowners to file the paperwork for them. That is simply a waste of money,” Leonard said in a release Monday.

The Franklin County Board of Revision hears formal complains on property values. Residents have until April 1 to file their property tax appraisal appeals.

“The application process is very easy for taxpayers to file on their own without having to pay for assistance and the Auditor’s staff can answer most questions that do arise,” Leonard said.

More information can be found online here.

A spokesperson for ValueAppeal responded to the allegations.

“At the most basic level, ValueAppeal's mission is to help homeowners ensure that they're not overpaying their property taxes and give them the tools they need to quickly and easily appeal their taxes if they are… ValueAppeal actually turns away the vast majority of homeowners who visit its site, as only between 20-25% of homeowners nationwide are likely to be overpaying -- and the remainder should not spend their time/money on filing an appeal that has little chance of success,” read the statement.

The company claims that its success rate is more than 80 percent, compared to 40 percent of homeowners who file appeals on their own.

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