COTA Looks At Eliminating Bus Stops In Clintonville, On Ohio State University Campus

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You may soon see fewer bus stops along High Street.

COTA is looking at eliminating stops along High Street, through Ohio State’s campus, Clintonville and near Crosswoods.

COTA officials said they evaluate bus stops that are used less frequently or are too close together every year to improve service.

Two bus stops on campus, four near Crosswoods and 17 bus stops through Clintonville are in jeopardy of being eliminated.

But for some riders, the bus is their only means of transportation.

“It’d be further for me to walk to the next bus stop, I'd hate to see that go,” said one rider who didn’t want to be identified.

COTA officials said eliminating some of the stops would make the buses travel more efficiently.

They also said riders wouldn't have to walk much farther because many of the bus stops are close together.

COTA hopes riders will voice their thoughts on the changes on their website or through email.

The decision is expected to be finalized in April with the changes being implemented in May.

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