Controversy Surrounds Campaign Advertisement

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There are calls for a political ad to be pulled from the airwaves because of its references to rape.

It is a 15-second ad Ohio Republicans said is designed to persuade people to vote for State Supreme Court Justice Robert Cupp.

But it is how the ad begins that had Cupp's opponent, Former Judge William O'Neill crying foul.

The line in question states, "When crime occurs, victims deserve justice, but as a Judge Bill O'Neill expressed sympathy for rapists."

O'Neill responded, "I'm a proud father of two daughters and for someone to suggest that I am sympathetic to rapists is outrageous."

The state's Bar Association now wants Republicans to pull the ad, but the state party will not budge.
"We think voters ought to know who they're voting for and what this person's record is," said Matt Borges of the Ohio Republican Party.

According to the State's Bar Association, the controversy stemmed from an opinion O'Neill wrote over a decade ago where he stated, "It is beyond question that the victim suffers emotional damage. The perpetrator, on the other hand, is labeled for life as a rapist and left to lead a life of rejection and scorn by society as a whole. For these reasons, it is the duty of all courts to insure that justice is served for both parties."

"We think that's a pretty extreme opinion," Borges said about the statement.

Even Justice Cupp cried fowl.

He declined an interview, but a campaign spokesperson said, "His campaign disavowed and criticized the state party's independent ad the moment we found out about it.  And we call on the state party to remove it from all forms of public distribution."
The Party said it had no intentions of pulling the ad and will continue to air it statewide.

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