Controversial Candidate For Lakewood HS Football Coach Denied Job

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The Lakewood Local Board of Education voted down the candidate for high school football coach, with a vote of 3 to 2.

Outspoken minister and radio host Dave Daubenmire was recommended to be the next football coach
A crowd of more than 100 people listened to dozens of community members, as well as family and friends of Daubenmire, voiced their opinions of the man as a football coach and as a mentor to the students.
After the vote, Daubenmire said he is not backing down and will continue his religious work.
"I know the values I share are the values of this community.  So it's sad, the school board made the decision and I believe they did what their heart told them to do," said Daubenmire.  "They've really robbed some young men of an unbelievable opportunity to play football for us."

Daubenmire, the founder of the ministry “Pass the Salt” and a 1971 graduate of Lakewood High School, has been in the spotlight before.

While coaching at London High School in Madison County, the American Civil Liberties Union accused him of mixing religion with teaching and coaching.

Daubenmire was arrested in Florida, in 2005, for protesting in favor of Terri Schiavo's parent’s choice to prolong her life.