Consumer 10: Supersizing Your TV For Super Bowl

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Experts told Consumer 10 that if you want to get a new television before the Super Bowl, you should think about “going big.”

“I would say very often people buy a smaller TV, end up bringing it back to get a bigger one, because they realize that it is too small for their current setup,” said Mike Haynam, HHGregg.

Haynam said that most people can easily fit a 60-inch TV in their home. He suggested one good buy would be a Samsung for just under $1,000.

"The Samsung 60-inch, it's a 1080p and right now is over $500 off.  It's a popular screen size, fits most living rooms, as you only need to sit about eight to ten feet away from it. And it's one of the top brands in the industry right now as well. Samsung's #1,” said Haynam.

Walmart is offering this 60-inch Panasonic plasma for $1,298; which is a $502 savings from its regular price of $1,800. It's also a 3D TV.

At Best Buy, there’s the 60-inch LG plasma which is selling for almost $1,250, which is $550 less than its regular price.

Target has knocked 20 percent off of a Sharp 60-inch plasma. It's selling for just under $1,200.

For about the same amount of money, you can buy a 60-inch Sharp Plasma from HHGregg that comes with Smart TV technology allowing you to stream movies or check the web right from your TV.

“You're able to connect it to the internet and utilize some of those smart features like Twitter, Facebook, You Tube,” added Haynam.

It’s a lot to consider as you go big for the Super Bowl.