Consumer 10 Scam Warning: Fake Online Ads Con Victims Out Of Personal Information

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The Better Business Bureau is known for protecting people against all types of scams.  But recently, it became the victim of one.

A fake Craigslist ad claimed jobs were available in California for $25-40 per hour, with no previous experience or a resume needed.  But the phone number actually went directly to con artists posing as the Better Business Bureau.

The scammers asked unsuspecting victims for a copy of their state ID and social security card.

"A lot of these scammers are looking for your identity so they can steal from you in other ways," says Claire Rosenzweig, CEO of the NYC BBB.

Rosenzweig says the scam is common - con artists use the name of high profile companies to attract desperate job seekers.  They'll ask for personal information and even try to get money for a phony application fee or job training.

"You should not be paying on the promise of a job. Employers pay you. It shouldn't be the other way around," Rosenzweig warns.  She says high paying job postings that say "no experience" or "no resume" should raise a red flag.

Experts say if you're unsure about a job ad, go to the company's website to see if the job is posted there to verify whether it's real or fake.

The BBB found out about the fake posting because someone called the organization, alerting them to the online ad.