Consumer 10 Scam Alert: Man Poses as Cable Company Employee in Grandview

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A Grandview resident reported a man claiming to be with WOW cable knocked on his door, but the company said the man at the door wasn't trying to sell cable.

A spokesman with WOW cable tells 10TV it's common for the company's employees to go door-to door, but he said all employees have business cards and ID badges stating they are with the company.  That's something the man in this recent case didn't have.

According to a Grandview police report, a Goodale Boulevard resident reported that his children’s babysitter answered the door for a man claiming to be with WOW cable.

10TV spoke with the babysitter on Monday. She said the man at the door was well dressed and driving a nice car, and even asked for the homeowner by name.

The babysitter asked him if he had an appointment, and he said no, she said she told the homeowners, who found the incident concerning and decided to contact the company.

Today, WOW cable confirmed they started their own investigation, and found none of their people were in Grandview that day.

A company representative said if they were, they would be easy to recognize. 

“Employees have an ID badge.  All have ID badges, WOW shirts and WOW hats, and if there is any question of who they work for, please call our call center, our  800 number, and they will gladly verify employment within WOW,” Vice President of WOW Ohio, Greg Argetsinger said.

10TV did check in with Grandview police and they tell 10TV this is the only report of this type that they've taken, but they are investigating and encourage residents to always report suspicious activity.

Tips to remember: If the person is in a vehicle, try to write down the license plate number so police have something to follow up on. It’s also important to always ask for an ID. WOW representatives said that you can call the company at 1-855-478-8148 to verify if someone is in a face a WOW employee.