Consumer 10: Officials Warn Of Scam Where Call Appears To Come From Police

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Officials are warning residents about someone posing as Columbus police to solicit money.

The scammers are even spoofing the phone number, so it looks like it's coming from Columbus Police when it appears on the target's Caller ID.

One Northside woman told 10TV that she had eight calls Wednesday from a man with a foreign accent, who said that she owed $3,800 to the IRS, and if she didn't pay up, he'd send the sheriff to arrest her within 30 minutes.
"(The caller said) I owed back taxes. I was defrauding the government, the IRS. And they wanted to put a lien on my house, freeze all of my assets, and all of my bank accounts and everything,” the woman said.

The woman’s neighbor, a Columbus policeman, took the final call.

When the scammer insisted he was phoning from police headquarters on Marconi Boulevard, the cop asked the caller to look out the window and describe what he saw. The caller hung up.