Consumer 10: Government Issues Warning About Funeral Scam

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One month after 10TV reported on a funeral notice scam, the federal government is out with a wider warning.

The Federal Trade Commission says it's seeing a huge spike in the scam that preys on people who've lost love ones.

The emails ask you to click on a link for more information about the death of a friend or relative.  
"What the scammers do is they send thousands possibly millions of emails to people and hope to catch some that are actually experiencing a situation with a friend of relative where they're concerned about their health,” said Nat Wood, FTC.

The FTC says the scammers are using the names of law-abiding businesses with these bogus messages. If you open that fake "funeral notification" file, viruses and spyware could get installed on your computer.

Crooks could get tax information, social security numbers and credit card information.