Construction Set To Begin At I-270, U.S. 23 On North Side

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Central Ohio drivers are being told to get ready for another major highway construction project.  
The Ohio Department of Transportation will begin work on the heavily traveled I-270/US 23 interchange in northern Franklin County.

ODOT says this is the third most congested interchange in central Ohio.

And they say the first part of the project will focus on the ramps getting onto I-270.

ODOT says there are four looping exit ramps between Interstate 270 and U.S. 23, and there is often congestion as cars try to get on and off I-270 on those ramps.

The plan will eliminate two of those loops, widen U.S. 23 and create an express lane that will bypass the interchange all together.

For the High Street Baptist Church, saving souls is its mission but getting people there safely is its challenge.

“It is a difficult thing, so we are very excited about the road and the changes that will happen and it will make it safer which is a big thing for our church,” Assistant Pastor Jason Williams of North High Street Baptist Church

And not just on Sunday.

Pastor Jason Williams says the church has activities and, or, services nearly seven days a week.

"We have a lot of under-privileged children that we bring here in buses, so for the drivers to be able to get into the property back and forth, also handicapped people who we bring, so that is a big deal for us,” said Williams.

And it is a big deal for the Ohio Department of Transportation.

It will begin a $72 million project Monday to improve safety and reconfigure the I-270 U-S 23 interchange.

Much needed work that frightens A.J. Ndreu.

"In the long run I think it's great. I mean, we definitely need to do something about it. I know it's going to hurt our business until this is done,” said A.J. Ndreu

Ndreu opened his restaurant "Wurst und Bier" in May 2012 and says he doesn't want the ongoing construction to keep his customers away.

"Yeah, if it's too much of a hassle, it's definitely going to impact us," said Ndreu
As for Pastor Williams, he says they don't mind dealing with it.

"I think for us, we are willing to go through that in order to be safer later on when it is all finished,” said Pastor Williams.

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