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Have you ever given serious thought to just how important communication is in your everyday life?  

Whether it’s pitching an idea to your boss at work, teaching a life lesson to your child or enjoying dinner-time conversation with friends and family.  

Communication is key.  Being able to express your thoughts and feelings, making yourself understood -- most of us take that for granted.  

But for one out of every 10 people, speech, hearing and language are problems.

Columbus Speech and Hearing Center, located in north Columbus, is celebrating its 90th year of serving central Ohioans who have communication problems.  

CSHC is the largest provider of outpatient speech-language therapy and audiology services in the area, serving more than 8,000 people of all ages every year.

The services provided cover three program areas.  Speech-language and occupational therapies, among other things, helps to establish or restore communication skills for children and adults.  In the audiology program, experts treat hearing loss so that people of all ages can function independently.  And the vocational rehabilitation programs assist adults who are hard-of-hearing, deaf, deaf-blind, or have other disabilities to be successful on their jobs.    The program for each client is individualized.

Communication is what connects people to each other and to the world around them.  The mission for Columbus Speech and Hearing Center:  to help all people improve communication and vocational independence for life.  Columbus Speech and Hearing Center offers help … and hope.  

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