Connecting With Community: Children’s Hunger Alliance


All of us want our children to be happy and healthy.  But here in Ohio, one in four children are threatened by hunger or poor nutrition due to low food security.  Children who don’t have access to healthy meals have a tough time learning.  They also experience more health and behavioral problems.  

That’s why the work of the Children’s Hunger Alliance is so important.  For more than 40 years, CHA has helped to feed the hungry minds and bodies of hundreds of thousands of Ohio children annually.  The mission:  to ensure all children are fed regular and nutritious meals and develop lifelong healthy eating habits.  

Children’s Hunger Alliance accomplishes this by:

•    Directly feeding children nutritious meals
•    Increasing easy access to nutritious food
•    Educating children to make healthy food choices and engage in physical activity

Among the many programs CHA has put in place … after-school meals programs.  Too many children go without meals after school … the only meals they get are those provided in their schools.  So, Children’s Hunger Alliance works to provide school breakfast programs and after-school meals and meals during the summer.  Children’s Hunger Alliance tries to make sure that our children have some of the basic tools they need to grow in a healthy way that will lead to happy, successful lives.

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