Connecticut School Shooting Prompts District To Enhance Safety

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One of the worst school shootings in recent history has prompted a local school district to make safety improvements.
After the connecticut school shootings, the Gahanna jefferson school district started making plans to add extra security to their schools.
"Anytime you have any kind of event that goes on anywhere in the country, it makes you relook at what you're doing," said superintendent Francis Scruci of the Gahanna Jefferson School District.
The district said they began making sure an employee patrolled the entrance and back doors of the schools at the beginning and end of every school day.
"This year we had 70 new staff members, so it was impressive that our principals review those kind of things with our new people," said Scruci.
"Most of our safety precautions are behind the scenes so for students it feels exactly the same," said Robin Murdock, the principal of Gahanna Middle School South.
Over the summer, Gahanna Middle School South was one of several buildings that installed a secret buzzer. It alerts police of an emergency at the school.
"If we need that extra step, that buzzer is there to get extra help immediately here for us," Murdock said.
The district also requires all doors to be locked at all times. Only the outer front doors are open during school hours.

 "Students are here to learn. They should be able to come to a building that is safe and not worry about anything else that's going on," Murdock said.
The district says it will continue to access any necessary safety changes to ensure children are safe if a shooter was to try to get inside a building.
"When their intent is to commit harm, we just have to delay them as much as possible until the good guys can come in and stop," Scruci said.
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