Congregation Touched By Last Year’s Derecho Prayed To Be Spared From Storm


One of the most memorable images from last summer's Derecho aftermath was a steeple swept off a Newark church.

One year later, that church is rebuilt, and Wednesday night church leaders were praying it would survive the latest damaging storm.

Last June’s Derecho left Newark's Old Country Church surrounded by the rubble of its own steeple.

"It blew down the tower. It was on top of the bell tower. And it alone was 27 feet tall," said Pastor Irene Wilson.

She says the sight brought her to tears.

"Because to us, what we had and what the Lord had given us, we were just so happy with,” she said.

It took months, but their church has been repaired and rebuilt.

"I'm just so thankful. So thankful the church is so beautiful now," said Wilson.

But Wednesday night, Wilson and her congregation were once again looking skyward, concerned about another potentially damaging storm.

"Because we don't know where it's gonna go, which way it's gonna go, whether it's gonna come or not."

In the meantime, she was watching the forecast and relying on faith.

"The tower is smaller, and I think maybe that wind will go around it,” Wilson laughed, “If it comes through, it'll go around it. It's a little bit smaller. I'm hoping. Praying. We have a prayer meeting tonight."

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