Confusion Over Possible Police Officer Layoffs

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Police officers who make sure growing areas of Columbus stay safe are worried they may be laid off soon.

Franklin Township police patrol some areas on the west and southwest sides of Columbus. Their territory includes the Hollywood casino.

Township trustees say their layoff fears are a big misunderstanding.

"They've got families. They've got to go home and stress if they're going to have a job. That's not the way to manage," said Fraternal Order Of Police Representative Jeff Simpson.

That's the worry right now for the officers. According to their Fraternal Order of Police representative, Jeff Simpson, a list was handed to them last week.

"It actually had every officer there. There are nine full-timers and had who was going stays, laid off, stays, laid off," Simpson said.

Right after the list, an agenda was posted for the upcoming trustee meeting. It listed possible layoffs as an item, but that item was pulled from the agenda by meeting time.

"They denied that any of that was happening, that it was all mere rumor well rumors aren't put in writing," Simpson said.

The trustee chairman says the layoffs are not happening. He says the fiscal officer gave out the lists and put the item on the agenda, but didn't have the authority to do so. He says she was "jumping the gun." We tried to contact her but were unsuccessful.

The township is waiting for money from both the county and city of Columbus. The chairman says he expects that to come through and doesn't expect any layoffs, but the officers are still nervous.

"It's an obvious issue. Just give us the scoop. Be honest. Be upfront with it."

The Franklin Township police chief says his department can't afford to have layoffs. He says this was just a big mistake.

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