Concrete Hits SUV Windshield In Traffic On I-270


A local family was shaken when a piece of concrete smashed through the windshield of the sport utility vehicle they were riding in on Saturday.

Three people suffered minor injuries.

Angie Brickley said she was driving north on Interstate 270 near the I-670 interchange with six teenaged passengers when the chunk of rock fell from above them.

"All of a sudden, something violently hits my car," Brickley said. "At first, I think I hit something else. And then I'm aware I didn't. And then my windshield is shattered."

The Pickerington resident said they were heading to an Ohio Wesleyan University football game when they experienced the sudden shock.

"My daughter was immediately screaming that her arm was hurting. I had a girl in the third row who was bleeding. She had a gash above her eye," Brickley said.

Her 15-year-old daughter, Haley, told 10TV she was in the front passenger seat.

"I'm just sitting there. And I was turned around talking to (my friends.) And all of a sudden, it hits through the window. And I turn around and just start screaming. And I look down at my fingers, and they're bleeding," the daughter said.

Brickley made a panicked call to her husband to tell him what happened. He hurried to the scene to see what had happened.

"Thank God that what had fallen in that vehicle wasn't a foot to the left and struck my wife, as a driver. Because I think she and six teenage girls would be dead right now," Mark Brickley said.

A spokesperson from the Ohio Department of Transportation told 10TV News that it had inspectors examining bridges in the area Saturday night. The source of the concrete was not yet known.

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