Concerns Over New Dangerous Drug "Gravel" Spreading To Central Ohio

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Law enforcement is being warned tonight about a new, dangerous drug called gravel.

The cocktail can include rat poison, bath salts and methamphetamine. It reportedly makes users paranoid and suicidal.

It got the name gravel by the way it looks.

"When you combine a variety of drugs, none of which are good, you get a combination of something that is even worse than the sum of its parts," said Paul Coleman, the president and CEO of Maryhaven.

The new drug is being tracked in the southern part of the United States. A task force there is now warning law enforcement here in Central Ohio that it may be heading this way.

Gravel is a highly addictive synthetic stimulant. It's similar to bath salts.

"And that's bad enough, but we also understand that at least some forms of gravel may combine bath salts with methamphetamines and that's a very bad product," said Coleman.

Tests by law enforcement show that rat poison and ammonium nitrate have been used to dilute the drug.

In Tennessee, the task force says there have been nearly two dozen documented cases. The concern is where it will spread next.

An admitted user of the drug spoke with a station in Tennessee to explain why he used.

"Gravel is like, the drug anymore. Why? It's just like, the new crack. It's like crack for my generation," said the admitted user.

People using the drug can snort it, shoot it, or smoke it.

It gives drug users a high, but the downside is a frightening concoction of paranoia, high blood pressure, and skin lesions.

"The emergency rooms don't need any more patients.  If you hear of anything called gravel, run away from it," Coleman said.

10TV checked with several local law enforcement agencies and the Central Ohio Poison Control Center. None of the agencies we spoke with had documented cases of gravel use. But they say it is on their radar and they admit they are bracing themselves for what may come.

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