Concerned Mother Steps In When Teens Are Robbed At Gunpoint

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Juan Rodriguez says it happened in an instant early Tuesday morning.

Just after he and a friend pulled into the driveway of Rodriguez’s home in Plain City, two masked men ambushed them.

“Then as it flew open, he just grabbed me and threw me out,” said Rodriguez. “I was on the ground, and he had the gun to my face the whole time.”

The robbers took Juan’s cell phone and the few dollars he had on him.

Inside, Juan’s mother heard the commotion.

“So I looked out the bedroom window.  I seen a man standing over one of the boys with a gun, so I ran outside and I screamed ‘What's going on?!’” said Edie Rodriguez.

It was enough to frighten the men who then ran and jumped over a fence, where their get-away car was waiting.

Edie jumped back into her vehicle and took chase of the three suspects who went down an alley.  She chased them through several blocks in the downtown until she lost track of them.

It happened so fast, both Juan and Edie weren't able to get a good description of the men.   

But Edie says she wasn't about to sit there and not taken action - even though there were guns involved.

“I was willing to risk my life for my son.”