Concern Over Proposed Development Near Railroad Tracks

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The public spoke out about a proposed development set to be built near problem railroad tracks in Powell.  Council heard public comment at Tuesday night's meeting.

"I urge you to slow down,"  said resident Denise Weibel,  "While it's beautiful, in the aggregate, it could just be adding to our problems."

That was the message. It was conveyed a number of ways from Powell residents and council members.

"You're counting on the queue cutter and the Murphy Parkway extension to lighten up the traffic out there and, if it doesn't, then where are we at?"  said resident Paul Moeller.

There is a lot of talk of solutions, but the city hasn't decided yet how to solve the back-up that happens on Olentangy Street.  It causes cars to sometimes stop on the railroad tracks.
The proposed development will sit right at that intersection.  It will have 64 apartments and commercial space.

Council listened and answered back. They voiced concerns of their own.

"We are already on notice that we have a very serious problem there,"  said Councilman Mike Crites.  "I want to know what the impact of this project is going to have on what our police chief has called a killer of a railroad crossing."

Council members want to look at the traffic study for the area.  They say they had a lot to look at before the next meeting in two weeks.  Council is expected to vote on the issue during that meeting.

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