Concealed Carry Permit Requests Skyrocket During National Gun Debate

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A local sheriff told 10TV that the recent national gun debate has sparked an increase in applications for concealed carry weapon permits.

Darel Conley has been a hunter and has owned guns for years, but on Monday he decided to fill out an application for a concealed carry permit.

“We've been thinking about it, just the time was right,” said Conley. “Just for personal protection of our family and home, it's your right as an American to have a concealed weapon, if you want to do that.”

Madison County Sheriff Jim Sabin said applications are pouring in, and he expects that trend to continue in the coming months, as people worry about restrictions on their gun rights.

Concealed carry permit requests are already up 30 percent this month in Madison County.

“It's a long process including fingerprinting, background checks, verifications, and it does increase work on staff as well,” said Sabin.

President Obama plans to lay out new legislation to curb gun violence later this week that could include stronger background checks, limits on high capacity ammunition magazines and a possible ban on assault weapons.

“If there is a step we can take that can save even one child from what happened in Newtown, we should take that step,” said Obama.

Along with more conceal carry weapons licenses, there is also an increase in gun sales, and it's something that local law enforcement agencies around the state are watching very closely.

"In discussions I've had with sheriffs across the state, many are experiencing problems in getting primarily ammunition,” said Sabin.

That’s ammunition for training and the firing range, but not for ammunition used by officers out on the street.

Sabin said there is plenty of ammunition for law enforcement to protect the public, but in some cases it may take longer to get it because of the high demand.

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