Company Supplying Food To Prisons Also Services Schools, Hospitals


The issues with Aramark's food service in prisons are documented, not only in Ohio but across the country.  

We uncovered claims of maggots and spoiled food.  Published reports also show audits of contracts in several states.  But the Aramark trucks make the rounds all over central Ohio, not just to prisons.  

Hilliard schools just renewed its contract with Aramark.  The offices were closed but the business director has previously said they have a good relationship.

Ohio Health says the same.  Aramark has been supplying food to its 12 hospitals since 1997 and there's never been a problem.

The company's food is found at the Mid-Ohio food bank as well.  

The food bank says the Columbus Convention Center sends over about 11,000 pounds of Aramark food a year, frozen.  Since it's not fresh, there wouldn't be an issue with spoiling or bugs.  We tried to talk to the Convention Center directly but no one was available. 

As for Aramark, they tell us:

I appreciate your diligence with this story but I need to tell you again that this entire situation is about anti-privatization, not food safety.  It is a well-orchestrated campaign across two states.   

Over the last 38 years, Aramark has served billions of meals to millions of inmates at hundreds of correctional facilities around the country and never encountered sudden and unexplained incidences like those reported in two states in the span of one week.  

We are not interested in participating in this ongoing political and media circus about anti-privatization.  Our sole focus is on delivering the service, quality and taxpayer savings we promised to the ODRC and the state. 


Karen Cutler | Aramark | Director | Corporate Communications