Community Rallies Around Injured Circleville Officer

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One month ago a Circleville Police Officer nearly lost his life in a motorcycle crash.

Now, friends and even perfect stranger are rallying behind officer Patrick Schlotzhaur.

"Pat is your best friend."

"He's the guy who shows up when you need help."

"And he'll do anything for anybody."

Officer Schlotzhaur hit a deer while he was riding his motorcycle in June. He was not wearing a helmet.

"I didn't know if he was gonna make it. He had serious trauma to the head," said Circleville Police Chief Wayne Gray.

Officer Schlotzhaur was in a coma when he first.

His recovery has been difficult for his two children.

"And this has been really hard for both of em...they're not used to seeing their dad incapacitated," said his wife, Lisa Schlotzhaur.

Schlotzhaur is struggling at balance, speech and short term memory, but he's improving daily.

He has been moved to the Dodd Hall Rehabilitation Center on Wednesday.

His best friend, Joe Allen, suspects he'll be there for another two to four weeks.

Health insurance will cover a lot of the cost, but not all of it.

His friends and family started a campaign to help.

They're selling bracelets with his name and badge number on it. And there are t-shirts as well.

"I had a 17 year old hand me money last night. It was awesome, wells you up when the kid says give this to your buddy," said Allen.

Anyone interested in purchasing a bracelet or t-shirt can contact the Circleville Police Department at .