Communities Say Refilled Salt Barns Hold Enough For Weekend Storm


A month ago, Gahanna city leaders lamented about their nearly empty salt barn. There was barely enough salt left to fill a pick-up truck.

Now, there is a stockpile of road salt. The city is still making efforts to conserve their supply.

“Whenever we are out, we salt our arterial streets, those with more usage, and our inclines and bridges - we treat it per incident,” said Niel Jurist, Gahanna spokesperson.

The city has enough salt for at least five or six more snowfalls.

Other communities have also replenished their supplies.

In Pickaway County, the highway superintendent says there is more than enough salt on hand. Plow drivers will be ready this weekend.

They are also looking to conserve - just salting hills, curves and intersections during the snow.