Commit To Be Fit: Snacking The Right Way

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We've all been there - sometimes the munchies come out of nowhere. When there’s no one around, we’ll slip into a sleeve of chocolate cookies or plow through more potato chips.

You can't eat just one, right?

Giving in to cravings too much however, could really destroy a diet.

Paula Monaco is a registered dietician with Giant Eagle. She says a little is fine, but the secret is portion control and smart substitutions.

Crave something chewy and sweet?  She says grab a granola bar.

"That's going to help satisfy that craving with only about a hundred calories,” Paula says. “It's going to have a lot fewer sugars than a cookie or a brownie.”

If you're a choc-o-holic, Paula says dark chocolate may help your heart. However, just one or two squares will do the trick.

Crave crunchy and salty? She suggests raw vegetables and dip.  Veggie chips are also a good choice.

“Instead of a potato chip, a vegetable chip is going to be much better,” Paula says. “So in bulk foods usually you can find these types of chips. They're just baked vegetables with a little bit of sea salt on them.”

If you need a pizza fix, she says make it yourself with a special flat bread crust.

"There are only 120 calories per crust. You can use some reduced fast mozzarella cheese, top it with your favorite vegetables,” Paul says. “It's going to be far less calories than ordering from the fast food joint."

Finally, some cravings come not because you're hungry, but dehydrated. So Paula says before you reach for snack food, drink a glass of water.