Commit to be Fit: Paddleboard Yoga Offers Unique Fitness Challenge


Green fitness is taking off in Columbus and exercising in your Metro Parks is always a big hit.  But now, a new form of yoga hitting the Scioto River.

Ashley Arend says Columbus is a city that wants to be active and in shape.  So when someone suggested doing yoga on a paddleboard, she was hooked.

It’s an activity that allows avid exercisers to leave their routine behind.  “It allows us to combine the love and art of yoga with being outside," says instructor Julie Wilkes.

While simplifying the poses of participants, Wilkes proved you don't need a lot of fancy equipment for a meaningful opportunity.

"What we always ask in yoga is to find your own place,” she explains.  “Where you just be, where you let go of the rest of the day and you can just focus on what you're doing."

Some participants, including 10TV’s own Jeff Hogan, had no idea what they were doing, but they knew how they felt after. 

"My legs started shaking towards the middle of the class just from being so tight and trying to hold onto the board with every muscle in my body,” Arend recalls.

A challenge was issued as participants added a degree of difficulty, which included a headstand.

"I really wanted to try the headstand, I used to be really good at that, but I really didn't want to fall in," says Heather Johnson.

From sun salutations to crescent warriors, participants bowed to dark depths of the water gods and soaked in some Sanskrit - common among yogis – and finally ending the session with the phrase, "Namaste."

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