Commit To Be Fit iPad Application

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WBNS-10TV’s commitment to health and wellness takes a huge step forward with the 10TV Commit To Be Fit application. This new application for the iPad is a comprehensive, electronic health journal that provides an easy and intuitive experience allowing you to track all aspects of physical health for each individual member of your household. Taking the initiative to record information about the daily steps that you and your family take to improve your lives is just another way that you can achieve your personal goals.

One of the first things that you will notice about the Commit To Be Fit application is the ability to keep records for more than one person. This is an important feature for family caregivers as well as for nurses or physical therapists tracking the health progress of multiple patients. All personal health information that you enter remains in the application and is not downloaded to the Internet or to an outside web site. Your records remain confidential.

The Commit To Be Fit application allows you to monitor three main components of your family’s physical health; Medical, Fitness & Nutrition. All of these areas can be accessed from the home page of the application and each provides an easy-to-follow tutorial that highlights everything that you can do in each section. The “Medical” tab provides you with the ability to record medication information, track & graph blood pressure and glucose readings and make notes about your symptoms. The “Fitness” tab allows you to record both your aerobic activities as well as your strength-training regimen. The “Nutrition” tab gives you an area where you can track your family’s meals and keep a running total of your daily caloric intake.  Before now, all of these components could only be found in individual applications but not in one single location. Commit to be Fit gives you the application that covers them all.

A fourth section of the application will provide you with the personal motivation that so many of us need in our continued journey towards good health. The “Hogan's Hint” tab brings you wellness advice and health information from 10TV’s own Jeff Hogan.  Learn how Jeff commits himself to be fit and receive periodic updates from him on current health and fitness topics.

You can download the application for the iPad in the iTunes store by clicking here.