Commit To Be Fit: Home Exercise Tips Can Keep You Fit

Commit To Be Fit: Home Exercise Tips Can Keep You Fit

Commit To Be Fit: Home Exercise Tips Can Keep You Fit

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Valerie Freeman does not always have time for the gym. The busy mom is also a busy real estate agent.

She makes time to work out at home when she can’t get to the local Y.

“It is a commitment. It's a lifestyle, actually,” said Freeman. “Before I had my daughter six years ago, it's something that I wouldn't have bought into myself.”

Freeman now invests what little time she has (even if it’s just 20 minutes) into a home routine. It includes a brief warm-up, stretching and cardio.    

Michele Cannell works at the Powell YMCA, and she's heard all the excuses in the book of why people skip the gym.

“Not enough time in the day” might be the most popular excuse, but Cannell says that if you have walls, you have a workout waiting.

“You could do things like wall squats. You can do glute lifts, where you have your feet up against the wall. You can do pushups off the wall as well,” says Cannell.

Chairs can also double as a workout station. Use them for dips, pushups and even leg lifts to work your abs. Cannell says the waistline should never be ignored.

“That midsection holds you up and keeps the rest of the body nice and strong,” says Cannell.

Freeman says she just doesn't feel right if she doesn't get a workout. Another great feeling is knowing her daughter, Isabella, is seeing a role model for good, healthy habits.

“She's started mimicking me. She's six years old. She's now doing things with me for fun. So, it becomes a really good family activity for us to do as well,” said Freeman.