Commit To Be Fit: Eat Like a Pro Athlete

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Columbus has a lot of professional athletes in the area, and they even shop in the same places we do for food. 

Commit To Be Fit is here to show you how to eat like a pro, even if you’re not an athlete.

Coconut water is not exactly mainstream hydration at the supermarket, but these aren't the usual customers at Giant Eagle Market District, either.  They’re Columbus Blue Jacket prospects.

They’re coach is Giant Eagle dietitian Paula Monaco.  She says everyone’s needs vary depending on their age, their gender, height and weight.

But everyone - athletic or not - has to follow simple rules and have some color on their plate.  “Making sure you have dairy, making sure you have a grain and a protein and a fruit and a vegetable,” Monaco explains.

Blue Jackets goaltender Oscar Dansk says it’s the small things, like reading the labels and knowing what you should be looking for could help you in your everyday life.

Serving sizes also comes into question.  For fish, a piece the size of your checkbook will do.  It is a leaner source of protein than meat and fewer calories.  Monaco says the goal is to eat seafood around two to three times a week.

For chicken, removing the skin is key.  That’s where saturated fat and cholesterol live.  You can combat that with whole grain pasta.  It fights cholesterol and provides the fiber that helps make you feel full.

“Grocery shopping can be very overwhelming, if you don't know what you're looking for,” Monaco says.  “Figuring out what you should be choosing in the meat department, what you should look for in the seafood department.”

It also includes venturing outside your comfort zone.  Something that Blue Jackets defenseman Olivier LeBlanc did when he tried coconut water for the first time – to mixed results  “I don’t think I like it really much.  But I drank it!”