Commit To Be Fit: CoGo Offers Healthy Alternative To Driving

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Coady Dirutigliano moved downtown last year and immediately traded his four wheels for CoGo's two. “It's been great, I use it pretty much every day I can,” he says.

Weather permitting, Coady will ride to work every day to his job at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  He also rides for personal fitness.

He takes advantage of Columbus becoming more bike friendly.  “I use it to get to some of the parks in the area.  Sometimes, I’ll ride out somewhere and run back or run out somewhere and bike back.”

Every step or pedal stroke of exercise simultaneously reduces Coady's carbon footprint on the environment.  Now, Coady says he only fills up his car around once a month – or even up to once every two months.

As CoGo celebrates its first year, it has more than 1,000 annual members and riders.  They have logged almost 60,000 trips covering more than 120,000 thousand miles.

With 300 bikes spread out to 30 stations, Coady thinks it's important there's always one there when he needs it.  “I've never had a station that was empty,” Coady explains.   “I've never been to a station that was full when I was trying to park, it's always been great.  They shuffle the bikes around so that there's always a space.”

Commit To Be Fit crunched the numbers and figured out CoGo riders have saved almost 6,000 gallons of gasoline by using the bikes.  Its estimated CoGo riders have also burned 5,167,000 calories while riding the past year.