Commit To Be Fit: All-Star Program Teaches Local Children How To Live Healthy

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After-School All-Stars is a program that provides Columbus children opportunities they wouldn't normally get, like a chance to Commit To Be Fit.

One-by-one, one thousand Columbus children walked into Ohio State University’s French Field House.  And soon after, their heart rates were jumping as they were learning what it means to Live Fit.

Some of the All-Stars say Live Fit means working hard, playing hard and doing your best.  For others, it means keeping healthy and having fun while doing it.

After-School All-Stars holds a one day challenge each summer, urging kids to experience things they've never tried before.  They have events like martial arts for confidence and fencing for humility.

Each station teaches the children not only the rules to the game, but also ways to stay fit while playing the game. 

It also includes a life lesson: be a leader.

“Let everybody else have some of the glory,” says one All-Star.  “Let everybody be a part, don't just hog everything; let everybody be happy!”

The happiness and fitness is not intended to conclude at the end of the day.  The program also wants their All-Stars to share their experiences with their parents, so they too can learn about different ways to stay healthy.

After-school All-Stars program has impacted the lives of 150,000 kids over the past 15 years.