Commercial Point Mulls Permanently Handing Over Police Duties To Pickaway County


 A temporary arrangement to help a central Ohio village with a dwindling police force could soon become permanent fix.  It’s taking place in the Village of Commercial Point, which has a population of 1,582.

On Monday night, the village will consider abolishing its police department and give the Pickaway County Sheriff's Office jurisdiction.

The Village of Commercial Point is small, quaint and home for Robert Schooley, who has lived there all of his life.

Schooley says for as long as he can remember, the village has had its own police department and their presence makes a difference.  “Without that they can speed through town and do whatever they want.

But now, it's a department of one.

Village officials say the police chief is the only available officer for duty.  In response, it has entered into a contract with the Pickaway County Sheriff's office to have deputies assist the chief with patrols.

Some people who live there say, so far, that has worked.

"Most of the time, it is a quiet neighborhood, but every now and then things happen,” says Commercial Point resident Paul Childers.

The Village Attorney says after crunching the numbers, it made financial sense to have the Sheriff's Office patrol the village permanently.

It is a sign of the times for some in the village.

"I think a lot of police are doing that and I think for a town this size to have a full time police service is pretty expensive," Childers explains.

But Schooley says its a bad move for the place he calls home.  "We need the protection here in town. We need somebody patrolling our streets."

Monday night is the first reading of the ordinance.