Comcast looking into video involving company truck, multiple vehicle slide-offs in Indiana

Youtube: Amish Hacker
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A video involving a Comcast utility truck and multiple vehicle slide-offs in Indianapolis is making its rounds online.

The video was posted Tuesday to Youtube and Reddit.

According to WTHR, it is unclear where in Indianapolis the incident happened.

In the video, a Comcast truck is shown parked and repairing a utility box after it was hit by a car.

The video shows multiple vehicles sliding to avoid the truck, which is sitting in the road with a few cones as drivers approach.

The person capturing the video asks if the repairman can park in a driveway or off the road.

He replied: "I need as much stuff to keep people out of the way so that I don't get hit.”

The video continues to record vehicles coming over the hill and sliding, some off the road, to avoid the Comcast truck.

At one point, a truck slams into a vehicle before going through a yard and hitting a tree.

Comcast responded to the incident on Twitter saying: "Thank you for contacting us. We're aware of this issue and are currently working to address."