Columnist To Women: 'Stop Getting Drunk'

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There are still no charges in the alleged rape of an Ohio University student in Athens last weekend.
As the investigation continues, some say the case is cause to take a closer look at the link between alcohol and sexual violence.

The police report in the alleged rape indicates alcohol was a factor.
One national columnist says that's the case in far too many sex crimes.
And she has some controversial advice for women: stop getting drunk.
It is a story that has traveled from local news stands to social media around the world: an alleged rape on the streets of Athens caught on camera, as bystanders watched.
For some, it brings to mind another notorious Ohio case.
The Steubenville rape case also involved sex, alcohol and social media.
In a controversial column on, writer Emily Yoffe weighs in with this advice: “Stop Getting Drunk.”   

“A common denominator in these cases is alcohol, often copious amount. … But a misplaced fear of blaming the victim has made it somehow unacceptable to warn inexperienced young women that when they get wasted, they are putting themselves in potential peril,” she wrote.
"That's complete ridiculousness," said Ohio University graduate Erin Freshour.
She was among the women on OU's campus who called Yoffe's advice misdirected.
"You shouldn't have to tell any women of any age not to be out living their lives or having fun or doing whatever they want to be doing," she said.
Sexual Violence Support Staff at OSU agree:
"We don't tell people not to be drinking and not to be going certain places at night,” said Michelle Bangen with OSU’s Student Wellness Center. “Because it’s not this mysterious checklist of things you should or shouldn't do that causes an assault to happen. It's a person who's willing to commit that crime."

Speaking to CNN, Yoffe said she's not blaming victims, she's trying to prevent more of them.

"There are certain types of sexual predators who seek out intoxicated women,” Yoffe said. “They don't have to put knives to their throats or twist their arms. They take them by the hand and lead them back to their dorm rooms or apartments or bedrooms or frat houses and these women get raped.  This weekend, there will be young women who get very drunk and have sex they didn't intend to have."

 The Athens County Prosecutor told 10TV News he is meeting with Athens Police on Monday to discuss the current case and how it should move forward.
And both Athens and OU Police say they are increasing foot patrols in the campus and uptown areas with an eye toward safety.

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