Columbus woman shot in home while babysitting grandson.

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"It was like, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, and when we looked outside we could see two kids running down the street", said neighbor Ashli Brihm.

She  says she and her twin boys had just walked into her parents home when she heard the shots next door.

"It was scary that it happened so close", she said.

Police identified the victim as 52-year old Amelia Stewart. She was shot in the lower back. She was babysitting her 8 year old grandson who was not injured.

"She's a very nice lady she didn't bother anyone I don't know why anybody would do that", said neighbor Charles Parker

Police tell 10tv at least 13 shell casings were found outside the home.

5 hit the front door, another hit a window.

"The same two gentleman that were sitting on her porch were the ones we saw running from the house we saw them because they were looking at our house, we just thought they were looking at us because we were having a party", siad  neighbor James Crocket

Crockett says prior to the shooting there were 20 children on his front yard enjoying a birthday party.

He believes the shooters waited until the party was over.

"It would have gotten ugly, very traumatic because we had children outside, i'm sorry the lady got shot but it could have been worse", he said.

Detectives say they aren't sure the two people seen running from the home are involved in the shooting

No one actually saw them fire a gun.

Police say if you have details of the crime call the columbus assault squad at 645-4141