Columbus Teen Strives To Make Women’s Sled Hockey An Official Paralympic Sport

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Every time Morgan Hosbrough gets on the ice, she proves the bigger part of the word disability is ability.

"You may see us with a disability when we're off the ice, but I know as soon as we get on the ice, we're athletes no matter what," says Hosbrough.

This athlete - who happens to be partially paralyzed from the waist down - started playing sled hockey just three years ago.

The sport is hockey for athletes with physical disabilities.  They play on modified sleds rather than on skates.

We got our first look at sled hockey when 10TV profiled Morgan last fall.

For her, it was love at first slide on the sled.

She practiced, played hard, and shot up the ranks to become a member of the U.S. team.

Now she's working to make women's sled hockey an official Paralympic sport.  "It would be awesome to play on the grand stage and show everybody this is what we can do.  It's not just the men.  Women can do it."

But team sponsorship is her other big goal.  "With sponsorship, we'll get top of the line equipment and hold camps where we can train together.  Currently, we practice with local team and we have one practice before we have a game - wherever we may be."

The sled hockey ambassador keeps pushing for her sport and to get other women to try it.

“It may not be what you think you'll be into.  I wasn't a hockey girl before, but as soon as I got on the ice, this was the sport for me.  I love the competition, the rigor of it,” says Hosbrough.