Columbus Teachers Union Unaware Of Depth Of Data Scrubbing Issues


State Auditor Dave Yost said on Monday that the data manipulation was, "not a teacher problem but an administrator problem."

Tuesday, the president of the teachers union says her membership just found out how much of their data was changed.

Columbus Education Association President Rhonda Johnson says the contract for teachers in the district states that building principals, who change grades, must notify the teacher.

If they don't, it's a violation and teachers have 10 days to file a grievance.

Johnson says there was never an opportunity to file a grievance because teachers were never told.

She says teachers were shocked when the evidence was shown to them during their interviews with the State Auditor

"I looked at the names of some teachers, who had their grades changed, and one was a business education teacher. I knew she didn't do a miscalculation because I know her and I know her grades would be accurate," said CEA President Rhonda Johnson

And accuracy, Johnson says, is expected of all educators.

The Ohio Department of Education's Licensure Code of Professional Conduct has eight principles, and among the eight - accurate reporting and commitment to contract.

Violating those principles could lead to a license suspension from one day to one year.

Johnson says, now, written notification is required before any grade change is made.

She says her membership is encouraged that the administration has addressed the concerns in the auditor's report.

"I appreciate the fact that the administration, and the board of education, is taking swift action on the Auditors report. That we are not waiting to see anything," said Johnson.  "That's different in our culture, that swift action be taken, so I'm very pleased about this because we have to be able to restore confidence of the public in our schools and the way to do that is make sure the people who did wrong are dealt with."