Columbus Suburb Wants To Pass Village Levy To Buy Golf Course


A major debate is being held among residents of the village of Minerva Park.

“It's an investment, and it's in the future of this village. So I, and the council, believe it's important the residents have a say in it,” said Minerva Mayor Lynn Eisentrout.

Eisentrout would like her community to annex the neighboring 18-hole golf course.

She wants the 1,200 village residents to make the decision instead of the council.

The cost for the course would be $1 million. The levy would cost someone with a $100,000 property around $87 a year for the next 20 years.

“What we will be doing, if this passes, is reconfiguring an older existing 18-hole golf course to a 9-hole course,” explained Eisentrout.

When that happens, a developer will draw up plans for the rest of property.

Some residents, like Clark Michaels, have questions about the plan.

“I just don't see any good coming out of it. I know a lot of people don't want the extra traffic through here.  That was the big thing when they first started talking about this.  We like it quiet back here. You open that up, and it's not going to be quiet back here,” said Michaels.

It's not that unusual for cities to own and operate golf courses, but they don’t usually go to the ballot box to ask for help buying one.

Dave Limes manages the existing golf course and thinks it’s a good idea.

“The people who live here in the park are going to want to keep the green space I am sure of that,” said Limes.

But while supporting the links, the additional development could be the tougher sell.

“Yes, we're concerned about that and that's a big part of this too when voters make their decision,” added Eisentrout.

The levy is scheduled for a vote this May.