Columbus students learn consequences of bad behavior


A representative from the Franklin County Prosecutors Office spoke to Sherwood Middle School students as a part of a Juvenile Law 101 presentation.

They learned that they could face charges or jail time for sexting, fighting, bullying and vandalism.

They also found out what happens if they call in a threat into the school or bring in a fake gun, even as a joke.

The students also learned about the consequences of posting inappropriate messages online or sharing pictures with each other on their phones.

Eight grader Christina Booker said she found out that some of those actions come with jail time and could affect students' lives permanently.

"He said that if you receive pictures from somebody like that, you should delete it and or tell a teacher and make sure it doesn't get shared anywhere else," Booker explained

Their guidance counselor, Taraja Shephard Allen, said learning those lessons is the whole point of this program.

"Sometimes they think, oh I'm young and this won't have ramifications and it's fun now. It affects your ability to go to college, military or to get certain jobs. So anything that we can do to prepare them now is good," Shepard Allen said.

After hearing all of the important lessons during the program, the students were also given resources and where they can turn for help.