Columbus Sextuplets Thriving In New Home

After giving birth to Columbus' first set of sextuplets, the McGhee family has a new place to call home.

Mia and Rozonno McGhee welcomed their six babies in June, 10TV's Tracy Townsend reported.

The family has since moved from their two bedroom house in Linden to a home that can meet their growing needs.

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The McGhees' four-bedroom home in Gahanna has separate rooms for the girls and boys.

The babies, who were released from The Ohio State University Medical Center in September, are adapting well, Mia McGhee said.

"Every three to four hours they wake up, sometimes a little longer depending on what they eat and how wet they are," Mia McGhee said.

All six have put on more weight, including Isaac, who now weighs 10 pounds, after weighing less than 2 pounds at birth, Townsend reported.

On a good day, the six babies go through about 50 diapers and each takes about five bottles.

Mom and dad said they rely on a color-coded system to keep everything organized.

While they still have lots to unpack, the new parents said they are happy to have their family together under one roof.

"It was heaven, peaceful," said Rozonno McGhee. "My wife, she was happy we know the babies are going to be comfortable and have their own rooms."

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