Columbus Sets Foundation For Improved Neighborhoods House By House


Another vacant neighborhood eyesore has met with the wrecking ball, as the city of Columbus targets blighted homes for demolition.

Franklinton resident Michael Cormack said that he was relieved to see a dump truck at the house next door, especially after the home burned.

Early Friday morning, smoke and flames were shooting from the Cable Avenue home. Cormack said that he expected to live next door to the debris indefinitely.

However, demolition crews have already leveled the house, along with 123 others in the city of Columbus since last February.

City leaders say they were jumping through legal hoops as quickly as possible in order to tear down hundreds more.

Neighbors said that they were thrilled to see the burned out shell of a home come down so quickly, but the city has its work cut out because not one but two houses right next door are also vacant.

The city will keep trying to give neighbors like Cormack peace of mind, one house at a time.

The city plans to spend nearly $6 million worth of grant money to tear down vacant homes, but the demolitions must be completed by the end of next year.

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