Columbus Schools Taking Precautions After Rape of Girl At Bus Stop

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Columbus City Schools says it will have extra security at bus stops in the area of Myrtle Avenue and Dresden Street after police say a 13-year-old girl was raped while waiting for the bus.

"It was all taped off, the front and the back of the house was all taped off," said Myrtle Street resident Redginal Berry.

Remnants of that tape whip in the wind, hours after a 13 year girl was raped in the backyard of a vacant house.

"This is the last thing we need, somebody messing with the children.  I have kids, I don't want that," said Berry.

Police say the teen was waiting at the bus stop when a man came up, talked to her, then forced her behind the house and raped her.  It happened at 6:30 am, before the sun came up.

"We know the kids that play out here every day and it's just scary to know that they have to be out here to go to school in the dark," said resident Ebony Simmons.

Kids run and bike, up and down the street and play in front yards.  Many of the neighbors have been here for decades, growing up on these streets themselves.

"It kind of broke my heart," said Simmons. "It's a sad situation, it's something that shouldn't have happened."

Sad and frightening, for both the kids and their parents.

"It's scary to know that someone's around here.  We don't know who or why or is he going to come back or anything like that," said Simmons.

Neighbors don't know the suspect and police are still searching for him.  Residents were already banding together to stop this sort of crime.

"We setting up the block watch for this area.  We just got our name on the pole last week.  We was all proud about that,"  said Berry.  "This is our neighborhood and we willing to do whatever to stop the problem and get them out of our neighborhood."

Columbus City Schools says it does not yet know the identity of the girl so it can't confirm whether the girl was a student in the district.

She was taken to Nationwide Children's Hospital for treatment.