Columbus Schools: Few Employees Had Access To Change Student Records

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Only a few people in each Columbus City Schools building had access to manipulate student records.

According to a letter sent from Ohio State Auditor Dave Yost’s office to the Columbus City School District last week, the auditor’s office alleged that district officials changed attendance records and grades from Fs to Ds to receive more federal funding.

A spokesman for the Columbus City School District said that only a few people in each school building had access to changing student attendance data.

The spokesman also said that the district first tightened access to student attendance information in August 2011. He said that no announcement was made, but when staff members logged into the system, some found that they were locked out.

District officials said that some of those who found themselves locked out were school principals.

In June this year, district officials said it made a strict cut and told principals in the district that the only people who have access to student attendance records are the building secretary, attendance secretary, guidance counselors and social workers.

The district as well as the teachers union told 10TV News on Wednesday that principals can change a student’s final grade, as outlined in their contracts.

Yost’s office said that there was a strong likelihood that individuals from the school district would be referred for criminal charges.

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