Columbus Schools To Close Again On Friday, Sidewalks Packed With Snow

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Columbus City Schools has decided to stay closed on Friday due to snow on sidewalks and side roads.

Earlier on Thursday, Columbus City Schools officials asked for the public's help clearing sidewalks. CCS spokesman Jeff Warner said there was still a lot of snow blocking sidewalks and bus stops across the city.

At 4 p.m., they made the decision that it was still too dangerous to hold classes on Friday.

Local resident Zepher Potrafka was shoveling snow earlier in the day and felt schools made the right call by being closed on Thursday.

“You don't want kids walking in this, don't want buses sliding off the road,” he said.

Officials say children walking to the bus stop were their primary concern which is why schools will be closed on Friday.

Columbus city plows are also still working to make side streets passable.

In some spots in Clintonville, residents were dealing with mounds of plowed snow several feet high.

Celia Fritz says it’s not easy making your way on foot.

“Good thing they cancelled school," she said.

Fritz says snow covered sidewalks forced her to walk on the street, and she worries children hurrying to catch the bus on a cold morning could end up in the path of an oncoming car.