Columbus Residents Forced To Dig Their Vehicles Out Of The Snow

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There may be some sore backs out there from digging out driveways and cars from the heavy blanket of snow!

Toni Price West of Grandview Heights says it took her 45 minutes to dig her car out of the snow after a plow blocked her in.

“I am determined to get myself out of here," she said.

Her Kia that she named Waylon Jennings after her favorite country singer is covered in snow.

She says her doctor advised her on how to shovel without injury.

“She said you pick up the snow, and you don't turn away, you follow in the same direction that you scooped it in. That way you don't hurt your back," she said.

To prevent cars from getting buried by the plow, Reynoldsburg issued a street parking ban to give plows room to move. Not everyone got the word.

Thaila Freeman's car had three feet of snow around it, so her neighbor stepped in to help.

“She didn't have a shovel and was trying to clean it off with her hands so I decided to come and help her," said neighbor Neal Tomlinson.

Others had a barricade of snow blocking their driveway from the plow.

Cameron Brown needed the help of a 10tv crew to get her car un-stuck.

After we grabbed a shovel to clear a path in her driveway, Cameron gave her a car the gas and zoomed up the driveway out of the path of the plow.