Columbus Residents Demand Action To End Gun Violence

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Dozens of Central Ohio residents joined a nationwide effort to call for an end to gun violence across the country.

On a day named a "National Day to Demand Action,” gun safety advocates held events across the country, from Washington D.C. to Columbus.

The group convened in support of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns National Day to Demand Action.

Despite the emotionally charged issue, the people standing their ground said it's about saving lives and keeping guns out of the wrong hands.

“Coaches are required to tell students that they can’t play if they have a concussion. Now, I can’t recall hearing a word about First Amendment rights about this” said Dr. Jonathan Groner of Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
Groner said like sports safety, gun control isn't a constitutional issue. He said it's a public health issue.

“Let's try to start a new dialogue. Let's try to save some lives today,” said Groner.

As part of a national effort to curb gun violence, dozens gathered in Columbus signing petitions to "demand action."

However, those who oppose tighter gun restrictions say lawmakers should be focusing on access to firearms not guns themselves.

“The same firearms in the hands of a law abiding sportsman is a horror show in the hands of a violent criminal who shouldn’t have them and is not legally entitled to possess them,” said Steve Sanetti of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

But it's on the streets of Columbus, where the fire department's medical director said he's seen enough real-life problems from guns.

“We’ve discovered bullet holes in some of our medic vehicles. So for these reasons, many of our EMS providers on the Columbus division of fire have bullet proof vests, said Dr. David Keseg, the Columbus Division of Fire Medical Director.

Retired Morrow County teacher Jill Grubb wears a backpack to remind others of a little girl she's never met before.

“I cannot believe people think, oh well, there is nothing we can do 03 and how can you let children be murdered and not do something,” said Grubb.

The Mayors Against Illegal Guns was founded in 2006 as a bipartisan coalition of more than 900 mayors representing cities across the country.